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Ready to take your game
to the next level?

Bring Precision Analysis to every decision you make


We add huge value

We are extremely confident that as a staked player you will earn exponentially more through your relationship with us than you could earn elsewhere.

We improve players

We pride ourselves on offering the most player focused coaching programme of any staker. You will be provided a proven roadmap to improve your game with regular coaching and leak-finding, access to daily webinars with top coaches, and even access to a 1-on-1 personal fitness trainer.

The Highest Player Deals

We believe you're worth more than a 50/50 profit share for the time and energy you commit, so our deals operate 55%/45% in the players favour.

Represent Us Live

While online MTTs are our core focus, we see huge opportunities live also. Once you prove yourself to be professional and trustworthy we'll be happy to back you into live games.

We back ourselves to retain your loyalty

We are so confident that we will exceed your expectations to retain your loyalty that we don't need a contract to lock in your loyalty.

If you wish to leave at any time you may do so, even if in deficit. We take the risk so you don't have too.

What makes us

1000+ hours of internal videos

10 Hours+ webinars weekly

30h+ Mindset videos

Dedicated Data Analysis

Record EVERY poker session
with commentary for review

Access to Personal Trainer 

No Contract. If ever you're unhappy you can leave at any time.

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Apply for Elite Staking

We make no apologies for the high standards we require to join our team. You must play full time, be able to display volume of over 2500 MTTs per year, and have a cumulative profit of over $50k historically to be considered.


If you meet this criteria and wish to apply, you will be expected to record 30 minutes of footage of you playing with commentary for our assessment as your main application process.

Poker Staking

Poker staking is so much more than providing the stake to play. It’s not possible to succeed without strong foundations so we help our players to become the best versions of themselves, to become masters of efficient study,  improve routines, build better sleep diets & fitness regimes, and to build a compelling vision to progress towards.

Our processes are world class. As a staked player you will record every session you play with commentary for self-review and review by our team of analysts so we ensure we quickly plug leaks, solidify thought processes, and learn from mistakes to make them valuable lessons to build on in the future.

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Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching packages are priced at between $200-500 per hour depending on which coach you would like to work with.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length

Other Services

POKERWINNERS main focus is taking players to the very top through our Elite staking programme, however we do also offer coaching packages to those that wish to improve without being staked.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching packages are priced at between $500 - $800 per session depending on which coach you select.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length.

Stable Consultancy

Our stable consultancy service will help you grow the efficiency and profit of your stable significantly. Packages begin at $2.5l depending on the stable size.

The fastest way to progress in any given area is to learn from people that are more advanced than you are, to be able to

short-cut the process to acquire their knowledge and model their behaviour.


At Pokerwinners we outspend every other staker where it comes to player development and coaching as we understand that this is the secret to success, putting your long-term success ahead of our short-term margins.

Surround yourself with Winners

Supported Networks
Live Events
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Your access to resources as a POKERWINNERS staked players is second to none. You'll also have access every available major poker tool, software, solver or training course. View hundreds of webinars in our comprehensive video library. Gain access to a winning community of WINNERS intent on finding every edge and maximising their potential. Thats just the start.


Want to go the extra mile and represent our brand on the streets. Check out all of our POKERWINNERS merchandise which you can purchase and wear in style.

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"Taking MASSIVE Action is the most important key to success"

Tony Robbins

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