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How to stay ahead in the rapidly developing world of MTT poker

Ever since I began my online poker journey over 20 years ago, there's has been concerns about whether the game would become "solved" by humans or bots and thus eradicate the profitability of the game that we love, but year on year, the game moves forward and the potential to make strong profits from the game continues to exist.

It's true that it was far easier to make money from the game in 2006 than it is now as there's less new players coming into the game than in the boom years. It's also true that never before has there been such a strong array of training sites, training tools, knowledgeable coaches, and twitch streams. Neither of these points however detract from the huge profit that can still be made within the game - especially now on the back of a pandemic interest boost to the game Chris Moneymaker WSOP fame proportions!

In online poker's 2006 peak, perhaps 1 player in 10 online players were able to make a profit, while 1 in 30 were able to make a significant profit. There's no doubting that the numbers are now a little longer than this, perhaps 1 in 20, and 1 in 50 respectively, but the amount of money that can be made by those that are strong enough to make the cut is not too dissimilar now to what it was previously as there is such a huge increase in knowledge between those at the top and those at even a few levels below which enable full capitalisation of this additional edge.

In the past it was possible to be a big winner without necessarily needing to be on the top of your game technically, but the same isn't true today. You do have to be good, you do have to be committed, you must outwork your rivals and you must be more efficient in your study than those around you. You can see advanced solvers as a risk to your profits, or you can like I, view them as a huge opportunity. 98% of people in my experience that start playing theoretically correct struggle to make strong profits in reality so you don't have to worry that a solver will solve it all. In fact you should probably be grateful that solvers will help others learn at a faster pace to keep them depositing, while the vast majority of players will never put the learning points into an optimised context as well as you should be able to, so you'll be able to stay ahead of them for many years to come. Increasingly it's apparently that it's extremely difficult to prosper as a lone-ranger in the game, finding your own way through study and improvement and how to implement theory in practice. All of the best players these days are either staked or are a member of close knit groups of players at a similar level that are serious about improving and will help hold each other to the highest standards which is one of the main reasons why you should earn more from being staked by the right organization and forfeiting a % of your earnings, rather than going it alone.

At Pokerwinners, we understand that poker is not a game of talent, it's a game of efficient learning processes and study out of game, combined with bringing exemplary standards to every single session played.

We outwork our opponents, but more than that we are more efficient with our study, reviews, and coaching. With live webinars from top coaches 5 times per week and a video library containing every topic covered over the last two years you have an absolute wealth of knowledge at your finger tips that others simply don't have access to. We also record EVERY single session we play so this is available for review and we have voice recognition so you can find marked hands quickly to review out of game either on your own or with one of the coaches. We are experts in analysis so we can not only identify your leaks quickly and provide guidance on how to plug these, but we also teach you how to implement the same processes. We strive to be the best we can be as individuals and as an organization as we aim to implement high standards into everything we work on to pull in all of the small cumulative edges that together make up a huge exponential edge which translates to progression and success.

Above all, we invest over £500 per player per month into coaching, tools, software, and our overall infrastructure which we believe outspends any other staker so that your personal development comes first. We're not just trying to build strong strategy, we're trying to guide you towards a winning formula that will see you grow on and off the tables as a person and enjoy the process of constant elevation and moving towards achieving your goals.

The secret to success is being at least fractionally better than those you compete with. If you have the time and the determination to commit to becoming the best you can be, and you're able to align your short-term actions with your long-term goals consistently then you have what it takes to stay ahead of the game.

If you're interested in joining the Pokerwinners team and embarking on a determined journey to work hard, find every edge, and learn from the best to get closer to achieving your objectives then Apply Now and we will provide you with an incredibly strong platform to optimize your success both online and live.


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Apply for Elite Staking

We make no apologies for the high standards we require to join our team. You must play full time, be able to display volume of over 2500 MTTs per year, and have a cumulative profit of over $50k historically to be considered.


If you meet this criteria and wish to apply, you will be expected to record 30 minutes of footage of you playing with commentary for our assessment as your main application process.

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