At Pokerwinners we strive to not just help players to optimise progression within poker, but also to optimise their progression within life itself, because we understand that the two are not mutually exclusive and to be the best version of ourselves on the tables we must also be the best version of ourselves off it.

We invest heavily our time, money and energy to level up all areas of our players lives, to instil solid foundations, good mental and physical health, and provide an efficient learning environment for dedicated and ambitious individuals to thrive - including a dedicated team of mentors, mindset coaching, and even a personal fitness trainer for all players.

We aim big and we back it up with an strong work ethic to ensure our aspirations are realistically in reach and getting closer by the day, We pride ourselves with our ability to inspire each individual to step up and improve month-on-month both on and off the tables adding a real quality to each others lives as we pursue the journey towards becoming the best we can be.

Deals start at 50/50 and rise to 55/45 in the players favour after the initial probation period, with settlements made each calendar month as you play risk-free. We also provide players in deficit the opportunity to earn an advance equivalent to 20% of your monthly profit should you start the month in deficit and not fully clear the made up.

We only work with full time serious players that are willing to dedicate a large amount of time to improving by attending webinars and group study sessions, because this is the key to developing at a fast pace and thus being able to realistically work towards 5 and 6-figure paydays in the not too distant future as we re-calibrate your game and the efficiency of your study and teach you the skills required to be part of the poker elite.

We don't dream for success. We work for it.




Poker is something I love with a passion and the quest to become stronger is something that captivates me every single day.  I love coaching and take great satisfaction in helping others to improve. I pride myself in efficient learning processes, an ability to identify areas of weakness and turn them into strengths, and above all to help people to overcome obstacles off the tables that may have held them back, so they can push on to be the best version of themselves both on and off the tables.


  • 20 years playing poker

  • 12 years staking players

  • Hundreds of players staked

  • Thousands of hours studying and coaching

  • Expert with HEM, PT, PIO, HRC, EQUILABS and more


  • BA (Hons) International Business, Finance, Economics