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Dasman13 Profile

AGE: 114
Sex: Male
Country: American Samoa
Twitter: @dasman_13

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How long have you been playing?

I think close to 6 years now started somewhere in 2007

How did you get into poker?

Friend gave me a chipset for my birthday. than few weeks later said u can play this for money online. Eventhough I went broke in first days after depositing 50$ I was hooked

What games / stakes do you normally play?

Im a true mtt grinder. grind 10$R up to 200$R and Freezouts from 50$ to 1K$. Prefer to play deep but fare very well in getting a bigstack in early levels. Maintaining that bigstack is a total different thing :)

Which sites are your favourite?

Stars/FTP cause of software Ladbrokes cause of structure

What is your favourite hand, and why?

Q9sooted because AA is so 2005

What is your best poker moment?

Winning the Tournament leaderboard on Pokerstars in my 3rd week after depositing. Taking 1K$ free munniez cause in the promised HU match vs a PS pro Vanessa Rousso didnt show up and sat out. Even better after complaining to support I gotz another free HU Match and even a 3rd untill she finally showed up

What do you class as your biggest achievement to date?

Final tabling the MCOP €1590 event. Eventhough I didnt won it and won more in other tournys the prestige is way bigger imo. Never played in a tougher field than that vs WPT and EPT winners and online highstakers

Biggest win?

Online: Sunday buzz Ladbrokes 1st for € 27.5K Live: Vip days Venlo 2nd (after dealing 3way and flipping for titel) for € 28K

What are your poker ambitions? How are you working to achieve them?

Gotta get a bracelet somewhere in life. How? I guess by mugging the shit out people

Do you prefer playing live or online?

Although the weeks abroad for live comps are sweet holidays and good fun No field/game will beat online poker to me. Live pokerz can be to boring at times playing just the one table

If you didn't play poker what would you do?

Prolly work as a consultant

How do you keep yourself ahead of the game?

somehow gotz the ability to learn and adapt while playing. Discussing hands with players u respect and by playing a shitload of games beats every Book or vid

What is your preparation routine for each session?

Wake up at 4pm. drinking coffee reading mails to 6pm. Eat/cook breakfast 6 to 7pm. start grinding

Which players have you learned the most from?

Tough to say. I think from all the players I talk to I picked up different things which improved my game

Which community member do you most respect and why?

Philip. cause even on the coldest day in vienna he still wears shorts and flipflops. and yes that includes the outside smoking :) he goes to a certain point that he even looses them shorts in a random club. what a guy

What software or learning tools do you use?


Why do you choose to play for Pokerstaking?

The comfort of them taking the varience and me taking a large part of the winnings. Never will u find a better deal than here at pokerstaking. +the fact they understand varience aswell and are allways willing to work with the players instead of treating them like assets

What is the best advice you can give aspiring players?

Dont ever think u r the best after running hot for a few weeks. The game is changing rapidly and u needz to keep improving daily eventhough u r winning. If ur not a winning player pls join me at any table

Outside of poker what is your claim to fame?

Outside of poker? whats that