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2 months of being a full time player

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Firstly thank you for taking the time to click on the link and read my blog. To introduce myself I am a 28 year old full time player and mentor and have been for the past two months after being made redundant from my old job as a travel agent. I have been with pokerisk approaching 3 years now and have learnt from some of the best players online which has got me to a stage in my poker career where I feel I can make a very decent living playing the game we all love.

I would like to write about my first two months as a full time player and the upsides and downsides to it.Luckily enough I had a very good April winning the championchip followed by a winning trip to Vegas so I was full of confidence ahead of my new career. I finished work on friday 29th July and on Sunday 31st I got a 9k cash in the 100k which reinforced my mind that I had made the correct decision.

August began and I decided to try and guarantee myself an income by taking the rakeback deal instead of the extra 5% offered by pokerisk. I chose to grind the turbo double or nothings and 10 man pays 3 sng's on betsafe and started very succesfully and was soon a few $100 up and raking a load in the process. This was going well until I started coming up against the same grinders in every game who soon became aware of my ranges and suddenly I started losing. I decided this wasn't for me and made the decision to fully focus on my mtt's as they have always been my strong point.

Things couldn't of started any worse and before I knew it I was 4k in the hole and struggling to get a winning day despite playing pretty good poker.Without panicking I persisted and had a good run near the end of the month winning several mtt's and some other deep finishes to get me slightly in profit. Adding the rakeback I had earned I got a nice little pay day and around £400 more than my day job would of earned me for that month so things were looking up.

September began and I was fancying a big month after the end to the previous month. Unfortunately the beginning of the month curse struck again and I was soon in heavy deficit.It took me days to get my first profitable day but even that was minimal and the deficit soon grew to £6k. This is a position I have never been in before and was obviously slightly worried as this is my main source of income.I decided to really look over my game by studying my sharkscope results, reviewing some of my games on HEM replayer and watching some of the video's that fellow riskers have made available on the site.

The two video's I watched and would recommend to anyone would be Shane Mossop's $50 rebuy and Billy's $5 rebuy.By taking all these measure's I suddenly started running alot deeper, I realised leaks had sneaked into my game which I wasn't aware of and knew I had to reverse the trend. I soon started to get deep runs including a top 20 in the $50 rebuy on betsafe where my KJ lost to J4 for a top 2 stack, a 11th in the 100k on ladbrokes, a 5th in the $50 rebuy on circus where I lost a crucial race JJ V KQ for the chip lead with 5 left and an 11th in the super Tuesday despite being chip leader with 80 left pretty much to that point.

On sunday things improved even more as I got a 2nd in the 9k deepstack on betsafe for 2k and had a deep run in the 100k on Betsafe. I will write about a specific hand that occured in the 100k that cost me potentially 20k as I am hugely disappointed in how I played it. I had been a short stack for most of the tournament and was down to 4 big blinds with 30 until the bubble .I entered the final table as one of the short stacks but by picking some good reshove spots then finding a double up I was soon in reasonable shape. I then felt I took over the mainly passive table by raising and 3 betting most hands and unfortunately started to think I could steamrole the opposition.

In the critical hand the player UTG min raised and I 3 bet x2.5 with my 89 suited, I then faced a small 4 bet from the button and the UTG raiser folded, I elected to call. The flop came A87 rainbow and I lead out to see where I was and the button called. I should of check folded as the 3 on the turn came down but I made the decision his flat call on the flop looked like he had a big underpair to the ace and a shove would make him fold so I jammed my chips in the middle only to be snapped by AK and I am down to 10 big blinds before going out a few hands later .

I think in poker regardless of how many hands/games any player has played they are always still learning and that was a learning curve for me. I could of played small ball poker and probably guaranteed a top 3 spot as the opposition was very passive and scared of the money jumps but instead I tried to push my weight around and got my fingers trapped in the till.

As I write this I have had a miserable night tonight with no cashes or even any deep runs to write about but I hope that will change tomorrow. I am going to try and make this a daily blog but don't worry all the updates won't all be as long or depressing as this one.