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My bankroll management plans

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I think bankroll management is one of the hardest aspects of poker even for winning players and ive had issues in the passed but after learning from my mistakes I am now building a steady roll which I hope to expand over the remainder of the year. While in Vegas I spoke to many full time players who used a variety of bankroll management methods and I have used that knowledge to come up with my own formula.As I will be playing full time my priorities will obviously have to change as bills and expenses always come first so I have designed a little formula that should help me grow a healthy bankroll and live comfortabley. I am going to treat poker as a business which essentially it is and hopefully will reap the rewards for this by the end of 2011.

The first £800 I win each month will go toward all bills ,expenses and social activities but anything above that will be split 50% equally into two bank accounts I have set up, one portion will go towards my bankroll and the other towards a project such as a house/holiday/car etc.Obviously if I have a barron run I may need to take funds out of my original bankroll to pay for bills/expenses but I think over the long run this is the best way of growing my own savings and bankroll.

Please comment if you think this is a bad method or if you have any ideas of a better ideas?