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Blog day 1

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Hi All

Today is a good enough time as any to start blogging. In a little over a week's time I will be finishing my last day in full time employment and hoping to start a succesful full time poker career. This is something I have been thinking about for over a year and when it was announced at work that they were needing to make redundancy's I was the first person in the office to volunteer.It came at a perfect time for me as it was shortly after the championchip win and during my best year poker wise by some distance.

I do have some concerns about being a full time poker player and know it isnt as an easier life as alot of people seem to think it is but I think the potential benefits far outweight the downsides. My main concern is the social aspect of playing poker full time, what effects this can have on my personality and the fact I will be spending much more time by myself rather than in a crowded office. To combat this I am going to set myself goals which will help get over this initial concern.  If I find this too tough I wont be ashamed to go back to part time employment for a couple of days a week as a little side income to my poker earnings.

My other initial concern was how playing full time would effect my fitness, to combat this I have already joined a local gym and intend to use my free afternoons to get myself in real shape over the next few months.I think this is essential for any person who is considering playing poker full time. Over the passed couple of years like many of you I think poker has had a negative effect on my health without realising it , im sure the lack of sleep created by late night sessions can have lasting effect on your mental and physical health. I am pretty certain that lack of sleep can be a significant cause in people piling on the pounds and this was another reason why I made the decision to play full time.

As we get closer to the beginning of August when I start playing full time I will write various articles on my targets for the coming month and also the rest of the year, how I plan to balance my poker and non poker life and my bank roll management plans which has been an issue in the passed and various other poker related topics.