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Managing Your Table Image

A tight ABC player can be insanely profitable but then again, a loose aggressive player can also be insanely profitable - how can that be possible?

Put simply, there's more than one way to skin a cat, and both ways of playing are proven to work, given the right circumstances.

So what is the secret? The secret is knowing how your opponents perceive you to be playing then taking advantage as best as you can.

An ABC player who only plays very strong starting hands will get a lot more respect from his opponents than an aggro player who plays 40% of hands when he enters a pot.

This means an ABC player could actually add in one or two big moves in an MTT in the right spot, such as four-betting someone who three-bets often, and is likely to have decent success with this as opponents think they would only be making that move with AA-QQ.

An aggro player who is playing 40% of hands will get played back at a lot so it is crucial that you don't try to run over the table from start to finish, but that you instead gear up and gear down at different stages based on how your opponents perceive your image.

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