Over many years in staking a number of unscrupulous individuals have taken advantage of the trust we provide by stealing funds from Pokerwinners. Our goal is to ensure that other stakers do not fall victim so these individuals remain listed here until they have repaid the funds owing to Pokerwinners.


Daryl ‘DJG1989’ Green – Owes £7250 – 30th July 2020

Pokerstars: DJG1989
Party: Deej2019
888: Ckcallckfold


After an 8 year history of on-off staking due to various transgressions with gambling issues, we took Daryl back on. A week into the staking, having built up a £4250 deficit, DJG1989 chopped the $55 KO on Stars for $5.3k and also won another small competition for $800 – thus having £7250 in his Pokerstars account.

He asked for a loan via Western Union as an advance and even though his overall P&L was only +£900 we sent him £500 via Western Union to help him through his personal financial issues – prior to him returning any of the funds in his account.

He updated his balance after the next day’s play as £6750 then he blocked his Sharkscope and deleted his previous balance update, along with every other message posted in the team server since he rejoined – and his private messages.

Daryl has not yet responded to any correspondence so it’s presumed that he has stolen these funds. Daryl is still playing his DJG1989 account during this time.

Action will be taken to recover these funds and to ensure other stakers are aware that unless these funds are returned and a suitable explanation provided – then Daryl ‘DJG1989’ Green has stolen funds, acted in an unacceptable manner when holding stakers funds, and should not be trusted.


Ryen ‘Ramo88’ Winton – Owes £865 – April 20th

Pokerstars: Shmothy
Other: Ramo88


After 9 years of on-off staking, including times working for the team, and thousands of £ in loans and advances – Ryen failed to provide audits when there were disparities with his player balances matching up to the games he had played. This was out of character for a person that previously had an exemplary record.

The audits failed to be provided and after a week the player admitted that he had gambled the funds within one of his poker accounts and had been trying to get back the funds elsewhere to repay. He apologised and committed to repay the money from a job he was due to start in an Amazon warehouse.

By his own admission he owes £525 + £340 to cover the stolen funds and offered to repay £1000 on a repayment plan.

No repayments have yet been made.


Craig ‘chansennb01‘ Hansen – Owes £730

Other Alias: Yeoldfloppy


After backing Craig for 8 years on and off, Craig was struggling for profitability and received a critical hand history review on May 11th 2019.

He went quiet at this point and did not respond to future messages despite holding £730 of Pokerwinners funds at this point.

On May 25th, two weeks after last contact, the player admitted via whatsapp that he had the funds and had no intention of returning them because he felt the criticism to have been harsh and didn’t like the insinuation that by having refused to return the funds he was a thief.

This is exactly what Craig is unfortunately by not returning funds which were clearly not his own.

No repayments have been made to date.