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The minimum play/ game requirements per month depends on which stable you join.

Our Contender stable is aimed at solid part-time players and thus have a minimum volume requirement of 50 games per month.

Our Development stable has a minimum requirement of 4 - 5 sessions per week.

In our Pro stable we expects a minimum of 150 games per month

If you make it to our Elite stable then we would require an absolute minimum of 300 games per month.

The higher the volume (as long as quality is not compromised) the more you expect to win and the greater justification we have for extending player limits so it's in your interest to play good volume but our main focus is quality rather than quantity.

We have 4 main stables each of which provide our players with a level of coaching and mentoring suitable to achieve their immediate goals for progression.

In Contender, you'll receive mainly online training content through our in-house video library, as well as receiving a personalised HEM Analysis review video at least once per month. You'll have access to a team of coaches to discuss hands with and will be provided with direction for your training to focus your efforts in the area which will benefit you with the greatest efficiency

In Development, you'll receive the above with added access to greater content. You will receive a video analysis every week in order than you can progress through the development goals in a quick timeframe and access to team webinars and higher level training content.

In Pro, we build on the above by extending the tools we use for our analysis and increasing your access to higher level content. You'll receive a weekly analysis video along with access to several higher level training programmes and resources to prepare you for progression to Elite. 

In Elite, you'll receive the highest level of training and be fully proficient with tools such as Piosolver. You will additionally be able to buy coaching on your P&L if there are external coaches that you perceive it to be beneficial to work with.

We have 5 tiers within each of our sub-stables and will provide you with clear goals and benchmarks in order to proceed to the next level. 

No, unfortunately we are only able to back players from countries where poker has clear legality and are therefore unable to back residents of the USA at the current time.

The player % that you receive depends on the payment scheme you choose.

Monthly Payment Scheme

Our players earn a 55% share of any profit if they choose to be paid on a monthly basis, which rises to 60% after you have banked a profit of over 10K GBP.

Instant Chop Payment Scheme

If you prefer to be paid each time you are in profit by more than 250 GBP then you will earn 50% of any profit you make. Your player percentage rises to 55% once you have banked over 10k GBP.

About PokerWinners

PokerWinners offers long-term staking to players that have a proven winning history and a hunger to be the best version of themselves they can be, combined with a training structure and progression plan to ensure success for candidates that bring the correct attitude to the table.

Our Ethos

Our players are the most important part of our business. We aim to provide a strong support platform to aide personal growth both on and off the tables while establishing an open and honest relationship with our players. We demand a high level of professionalism and seek a 20% study to play ratio from our sponsored pros.


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